A new approach in the provision of management resources and advisory services to companies
A new approach in the provision of management resources and advisory services to companies


Change is the only constant in today’s world and will continue to accelerate.

Organizations must adapt quickly and provide
the relevant product service as a market response.

In the current business environment, keeping competitive edge requires  an ever greater flexibility and rapid deployment of appropriate solutions.


Sadis & Co helps companies managing critical phases of their life cycle,
efficiently and responsibly.

Sadis & Co is a niche player providing management solutions through :

–    Taylor made consultancy and advisory services and
–    provision of interim management at executive level,


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Examples of key projects include acquiring business in a foreign country, merging two entities, improving operations, accelerating change and transitions, closing a production site, unexpectedly replacing a top manager with a key function in the organization, managing human or economic crises, developping the top line, securing financing for strategic projects.

Sadis & Co supports companies and organizations active not only in the private sector (industry or services), but also in the public and non-profit sectors.

More recently, Sadis & Co has decided to develop a specific approach to SMEs and in particular to Family Owned businesses because they represent the economic growth and employment opportunities of tomorrow.

For each assignment, Sadis & Co sets up a project team with three key stakeholders: the client representative, the interim manager / project leader, and Sadis & Co representative or counsellor who will govern the entire assignment. This team is collectively responsible to reach the assignment’s objectives defined at the start by Sadis & Co in agreement with the client.

Through our vast experience acquired through hundreds of assignments of all kinds, Sadis & Co has refined its approach and focuses on the following success factors:

  • the provision of strategic and operational advices throughout every assignment and in particular in defining the objectives of the assignment at the start,
  • the quality of its candidates and its selection and matching process,
  • the speed of action,
  • a thorough follow-up of the project, the client and the managers throughout the assignment,
  • a full independence

The track record of our associated consultants, experts and interim managers allows us to offer sector- and function-specific competences



We work closely with  YOU (our client’s leaders) to create the necessary level of confidence and trust.
We conceive the changes to be brought about and we conduct their implementation under our control.


For Sadis & Co, every client is unique.  This is why we apply our methodologies proven  and refined through hundreds of experiences in transition and change management to come to a taylor made approach for every client. Experience is an important factor of success. Our people have experienced success. Together, we know what works and what does not.
Our mission is to provide fully implemented management solutions to allow our clients to succeed and prosper.

Our service goes from concept to implementation ;
Our people are hands onOur commitment is on results

To provide a bespoke approach, we team up with the leaders and executives at the client.
Listening, understanding the clients specifics, being open and creative allow us to define realistic but creative solutions to be implemented.

We are not paid to be nice but to do the job. Every job is unique.




  • Identify the difficulties requiring the intervention of an interim executive
  • Make sure that the interim management solution is viable
  • Help the client define the objectives of the change management assignment
  • Draw up a detailed profile description of the required executive




  • Select the interim executive according to strict criteria, in terms of expertise, references, personality, environment and culture
  • Check the references of the interim executive
  • Validate with the client the choice of the interim executive who will be responsible to lead  project until full completion



  • Once the transition manager has been selected, review the detailed plan of the assignment, both with the transition manager and the client, to ensure that the assignment is fully understood
  • Supervise and coach the transition manager to ensure that the assignment is properly managed
  • Remain involved in the project throughout the change management assignment and make sure targets are met



  • Help the company end the change management phase and prepare for the arrival of the new, more permanent executive
  • Manage all downstream logistics involved in the departure of the interim executive, which may include help in finding a new executive, whether this is conducted in-house or not.



Sadis & Co is part of the EIM international network
(Excellence In Management)

The firm is widely integrated all over the world with 19 offices.
That Company was a pioneer in Transition and Interim Mangement. It has applied a rigourous process for the last 25 years, fully in line with Sadis & Co approach. It offers an unequalled track record of 8 000 missions.

Through this cooperation, Sadis & Co can provide the widest and the most profound international fishpond of leaders, managers and experimented independent professionals



In 2015, Sadis & Co took over B­­management, the leader of Interim management at executive level in Belgium. The company had been awarded « Best interim management company of the year » in 2011 and best HR supplier in 2013. The company was also certified 4 stars through the LRQA / Federgon certification process.

Sadis & Co also wants to give focus to SMEs and in particular to family businesses as they represent 75 % of employment in Europe and will increasingly receive public support through specific programs like the EU’s Small Business Act.



Joseph Sadis is the founder and Senior Advisor of Sadis & Co. He has 20 years experience in the interim management business. He was a Partner at EIM and a Senior Partner at EY leading their Interim management activities before he co founded B-management and became its managing director

Prior to that period, he was an international top executive in leading International agroindustrial companies. His leadership positions brought him to The Netherlands, France, Switzerland and the USA. He also heavily dealt with both Asia and South America.

Joseph is and has been in the board of several multinational of Belgian companies and of several  other organisations.

He has been  the president of the FEDERGON interim management section (Belgian Employers federation).

He was a judge at the Commercial court in Brussels.

He teaches in the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management and was previously the Academic Director of the MBA Program.

Joseph Sadis graduated as an engineer in Brussels University (ULB) and holds a MBA from Wharton

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